Rental and delivery conditions.

Delivery :

For an inflatable castle, free delivery within a distance of 25 km starting from Walhain. Beyond this limit, please contact us.

Location :

Mounting and dismantling will be carried out exclusively by Bada-Boum staff.

The planned location will be clean, free of any object, flat enough to ensure good user safety.

It will be provided with an electrical connection at maximum 25m of the inflatable structure. If this is not the case, please let us know when booking.

Equipment check

The inflatable structures, as well as all the equipment, will be checked with the client during mounting and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the lease. Everything will be controlled during dismantling.

In case of abnormal soiling, a package of 50 €, per abnormally dirty structure, will be due.


In case of wind, rain, storm, hail or snow, the customer agrees to deflate the inflatable structures to prevent accidents and damage. Popcorn machines, cotton candy machines and all equipment should be put under shelter.

Insurance :

The customer is responsible for the inflatable structures and other equipment during the rental period or disposal period.

Any damage to rented or made available equipment, or any lost or stolen equipment will be billed to the customer.

Bada-Boum and its staff cannot be held responsible for damages caused by inappropriate use of rented or made available equipment.

The customer will bear all costs resulting from an inappropriate use of the inflatable structures and equipment, as well as the resulting damages.

Security :

The customer is solely responsible for the security when using the equipment. The equipment must be used in conformity with the technical specifications.

A responsible adult, in full possession of his capacities, is required to ensure the safety of children or any equipment rented or made available, to ensure compliance with the number of intended users, to prohibit access to the inflatable castles with shoes, glasses, sharp or blunt objects (knives, keys, ..), chewing gum, drinks, food, …

Never leave a robotic lawnmower, in operation or even under load, near an inflatable structure, even if it is deflated. The mower could damage it badly.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to climb on the side walls, nets or roof fabrics, friezes and frontal decorations of the inflatable structures.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in and around inflatable structures.

If the adult must leave, take the children out of the inflatable structures and deflate them.

In case of re-inflation, keep children away from inflatable structures.

Never approach or touch the engine during operation.

Price and payment :

All our prices are VAT included. Payment in cash is due at the deposit of the material. In case of non-payment, Bada-Boum reserves the right to cancel the rental and to charge an amount corresponding to 50% of the rental price.

Cancellation :

  • In case of adverse weather conditions:
    To avoid any accident, Bada-Boum has the right to cancel, without charge, the rental.
  • The customer can also cancel the reservation without charge until the day before the rental, before 20h.

Any other cancellation must be transmitted at least 10 days before the date of the rental.

After this period, Bada-Boum reserves the right to charge the customer 50% of the rental price.

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